Project Guarantee Company


Multi-platform enterprise helping businesses achieve tremendous growth,
and moving forward to becoming a global business leader.



In 2012, SR company was formed and it quickly became one of the leading companies in IT, FA and Global business making.

As it grew over the years, it became known as Youa Group.

Today, Youa Group has some affiliates and strategic investment partners based on our F.I.N.E strategy

which consists of franchise, IT, new business, education and entertainment business field.

Until 2019, We plan to focus on investing, incubating and M&A for nurturing the talented and bringing successful businesses

in each fields such as IT, AI, distribution, media, medical, real estate, finance etc.

Youa Group provides services and platforms in each part which is franchise, IT, new business, education and entertainment.

Those four kinds of key businesses are divided into each different parts according to their contents and correlations.

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