Updated: May 7

As 2020 is rocked by crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, what happens to humanity and our Earth? Due to various climate changes, the Earth has begun to suffer from heavy snow, tornadoes, hail, and large wildfires and volcanic eruptions. The world increasingly needs a new type of war of protection, including food and masks, to respond appropriately and continuously prevent disasters.

Designed for “protection and prevention,” a project launched this year is trying to help people around the world cope with disaster. As mask prices rise due to raw materials and supply shortages, people across the globe find themselves in new and uncertain territory. To add to the risk, factories and distributors are seriously inflating prices, increasing fraud, and causing pain for many.

Accordingly, the mask project steps in to address vital concerns with supply, information, trust, and distribution networks to alleviate supply and demand issues.

Through the Mask2020 website, the Mask Team is offering 500,000 different kinds of masks, 350,000 medical latex gloves, and 100,000 hand sanitizers to facilitate smooth supply chains to individuals and companies around the world. Signing delivery contracts with various South Korean and Chinese companies and factories that can produce more than 5 million masks every day, as well as other protective supplies, Mask2020 is on the frontline of humanitarian crises.

Mask2020 is also allowing users and suppliers to trade with each other, including daily information on various coronaviruses and self-diagnosis tools, handbooks, and more, through the Mask App with a cryptocurrency trade-credit L/C.

Reducing the transparent price disclosure of masks and the occurrence of fraud, Mask2020 uses a reliable blockchain cryptocurrency L/C when it has proven traditionally difficult to proceed with normal trade L/C, and has further organized a platform that can verify daily mask price quotations and unmodulated certification by the CE, FDA, and other regulatory bodies, and resolve fraudulent transactions to direct transactions with factories.

The blockchain cryptocurrency L/C is purchased at, or when a seller and buyer confirm a transaction, which causes a three-way electronic contract to be signed with the mask team helper. After purchasing a mask token through the designated exchange via USDT, the token lock-up is terminated when the purchase is delivered within 72 hours. A DHL international courier delivery is provided to the buyer, and the buyer completes the confirmation with DHL. However, the initial implementation, according to the contract for 72 hours or token, is automatically revoked and locked up if not delivered.

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