MASK Blockchain letter of credit

Global Mask Distribution Blockchian Platform

A safe transaction through a blockchain letter of credit

A safe transaction through a blockchain letter of credit

The specified exchange and disclosure community can be exchanged for USDT.

The mask token is staked with the production cost of the mask produced by the cooperative factory.

Currently, mask tokens can be exchanged cheaply with masks held by mask project teams.

How to Use Mask Token L/C

1.Select a product at and draw up an electronic purchase agreement with the person in charge.

2.Tokens are purchased from listed exchanges guided by the person in charge, or through the OTC market.


3.After locking up the token at the exchange,
Provide token purchase information to MASK2020.ORG purchasing managers.

4.If the holder receives the item from the designated courier and the invoice is issued and the holder agrees, the token locked up on the exchange will automatically be incinerated or recovered.

5.If an item is not delivered within 72 hours of purchase, the lock-up of the token is automatically terminated on the exchange.

6. The exchange keeps the token sales amount.

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